Bradford Council and Collingwood Learning have worked together for many years. We have developed innovative training and awareness events around safeguarding issues for council officers, elected members, and partners in the police, health and education sectors. One running theme has been the use of either live theatre or videos to communicate powerfully and memorably these complex and moving issues.  One such project involved an event dedicated to exploring domestic violence. We interviewed three survivors of domestic violence and then carefully scripted their stories into simple, short monologues which were filmed using actors talking into the camera. At a live event, delegates watched each video and then talked to experts about the issues arising from it. The event was a great success and delegates really valued the combination of an emotional and informative experience. But then something happened. The videos started being used across Bradford and beyond by professionals looking for engaging resources that they could use in a variety of contexts.

These video stories very quickly engaged the audience emotionally, presenting a range of complex issues in a simple, human way that people could understand. They immediately opened up the topic for lively discussion and learning. Safeguarding can be presented or perceived as a dry administrative process when in fact it is all about people. It’s personal. That’s why people engage with stories.  The result of that journey is Real Safeguarding Stories. Working with safeguarding professionals from across Bradford Council, we have developed a series of videos each based upon stories either from the people involved or through anonymised cases. Some stories have been edited and some have been combined so that we can cover the key issues in a simple, quick, and powerful way. But everything is based upon real people, and real situations.


Management Team:

Chris Simes, Managing Director, Collingwood Learning
+44 (0) 1484 681025

Chris Farquhar, Member Training Manager, Bradford Council
+44 (0)7582100697


James Taylor, Collingwood Learning
Chris Simes, Collingwood Learning


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Julie Evans, Learning and Development Coordinator, Bradford Safeguarding Board
Lindsay Bridge, O & WFD Partner, Domestic Abuse, Neighbourhoods and Customer Services
Sally Griffin Workforce Development Officer, Workforce Development Unit
Michael Churley, Prevent Coordinator, Neighbourhood and Customer Service
Geoff Binnington, Principal Officer, Fleet & Transport Services
Marianne Wadsworth, Training and Outreach Practitioner, Barnardo’s East Region
Inspector Esther Hobbs, West Yorkshire Police
Sergeant Adam Taylor West Yorkshire Police
PC Matt Cattlow, West Yorkshire Police
Maria Dragicevic-Community Project Officer, West Yorkshire Trading Standards

With prior support from:

Paul Hill Bradford as Safeguarding Children Board Manager, Children’s Services
Robert Strachan as Senior Adult Protection Coordinator, Bradford District Safeguarding Adults Board