When fifteen-year-old Dani begins a relationship with new Year 11 pupil Jai, everything seems to be going well for the teenagers.  But, with pressure from her friend to “take things further” with Jai, Dani texts her boyfriend some explicit personal photos.  Will the images remain private between the pair?
  • Child Safeguarding
  • Sexting, Sexual health and relationships, Consent, Peer pressure
  • Guidance for swearing and sexual abuse references

Level of Complexity:
  • Advanced
  • Differentiation applies depending on the audience
  • Trainer to develop the questions accordingly
Video Synopsis
  • Teenage girl begins a relationship with teenage boy
  • Teenage girl faces pressure from her friend to sexualize the relationship
  • Teenage girl sends boyfriend some explicit images of herself
  • Teenage boy re-sends the private images to his new friend in order “to fit in”
  • The images are shared within the public domain and uploaded to a site
  • Girl’s father reports the sharing of the private images as a crime
  • Teenage girl faces humiliation from people at school and is left feeling trapped and ashamed

Issues Covered

  • Peer pressure
  • Social media
  • Sexting
  • “Text Speak”/Teenage text code
  • Personal health
  • Age of consent
  • Body image
  • Legalities of sexting

  • To define sexting in all its forms
  • To discuss the legal implications of sexting including the pressures on time and resources faced by agencies such as the Police when dealing with these reported “crimes”
  • To highlight the importance of Sexual Health and Relationships Education (including the role of social media/sexting)
  • To recognise the vulnerabilities of young people
  • To recognise the implications of sexting becoming normalized teenage behaviour
  • To understand the consequences of implicit and explicit peer pressure on young people’s relationships
  • To discuss parental responsibility and role 
  • To explain school responsibility and role

  • What is the requirement in your area / district for sex and relationships education?
  • Which professionals have a key role in supporting and educating young people?
  • How can we educate young people to be peer support?
  • What is the influence of social media and what can we do to counter this?
  • What is the parental responsibility?

Target Audience:

  • Police
  • All children service workers
  • School mentors/pastoral staff
  • Teachers 
  • School nurses
  • Parents 
  • Young people (appropriate age)
  • Youth workers 
  • Elected Members 

Useful For:

  • Conference
  • One to one
  • Group training
  • Awareness event

Training Suggestions:

  • Clarification of legal implications – sexting.   (In legal terms, the making, taking, distribution and possession of indecent Images of children is a criminal offence –however adult images are not the same in law. It is the fact that they are in law children that makes this a criminal matter. Child is anyone under 18).