Nasreen is excited to be offered a work experience placement at a local accountancy firm.  Her mentor, Nigel, is impressed with Nasreen’s work and offers her a job when she leaves school.  He offers to give her extra help in the meantime but he has a more sinister motive for helping the schoolgirl.
  • Child Safeguarding
  • Grooming  for Child Sexual Exploitation, Online abuse, Misuse of  position of trust
  • Guidance for swearing

Level of Complexity: Intermediate
  • Differentiation applies depending on the audience
  • Trainer to develop the questions accordingly
Video Synopsis
  • Low risk child sexual exploitation
  • Young person is oblivious to being groomed
  • School and employer fail to consider/have in place adequate precautions when organising work experience
  • Young person is blackmailed via social media
  • Young person feels trapped and unable to ask for help

Issues Covered

  • Online Safety
  • Social Media
  • Blackmail

  • To describe what processes should be in place to ensure young people are not put at risk
  • To recognise the dilemmas young people face and the significance of positions of trust
  • To explain the importance of preparing young people for healthy sexual relationships

  • What are the dangers of relying on informal work experience planning?
  • What should the school have put in place?
  • Who could Nasreen have turned to for help and why might she have found this difficult?
  • Assuming the school becomes aware of the incident what should happen?

Target Audience

  • School staff, in particular work experience providers
  • Curriculum advisors for Sexual Health and relationships
  • Local employer networks/Chamber of Commerce
  • School mentors
  • Elected Members
  • Youth workers
  • Anyone working with children and young people
  • Voluntary and community sector
  • Governors in schools and colleges

Useful For

  • One to one
  • Group training
  • Awareness event

Training Suggestions

  • Follow up with audit of how a school/organization does plan work experience
  • Local publicity campaign about positions of trust/healthy relationships

Useful Links

For Further Support

  • Local Safeguarding Children Board
  • Local Authority education services – Governor services
  • Local Academy Trusts