Parveen is worried about her teenage daughter Uzma.  Desperate for answers as to why her daughter is so withdrawn, Parveen checks Uzma’s online history.  She discovers a web of posts and messages that clearly show Uzma is the victim of online exploitation.
  • Child Safeguarding
  • Vulnerability of young people, Online grooming by extremist groups, Bullying/Hate crime, Online safety
  • No guidance required

Level of Complexity: Advanced
  • Differentiation applies depending on the audience
  • Trainer to develop the questions accordingly
Video Synopsis
  • Young person suffers bullying
  • “Reaches out” for advice using internet/social media
  • Young person’s vulnerable situation is exploited by extremist groups online
  • Young person leaves home without parents’ knowledge
  • Young person’s mother discovers what has been happening

Issues Covered

  • Social Media
  • Parent/child communication

  • Recognising the role of the school around bullying and hate crime
  • Describing how the change of behaviour in young people can be significant – being alert to changes in behaviour
  • Recognising  roles and responsibilities, working collaboratively – parents/teachers/youth workers/ community workers
  • To explain how a foundation of learning about healthy relationships and online safety can help keep young people safe

  • What is the role of the school in relation to bullying incidents involving their pupils?
  • Do you have Healthy and Safe Relationships education which includes how to stay safe online?
  • What community-based support is available to combat potential extremist behaviour?
  • What can be done once a child is suspected of being involved in extremist groups?

Target Audience

  • Everyone working with children and young people
  • Everyone working with adults who are parents
  • Teachers
  • Learning Mentors
  • Police – Safer Schools officer
  • Police – community support officers
  • Voluntary and Community-based groups
  • Youth workers
  • School Nurses
  • General Practitioners (GPs)
  • Elected Members
  • CAHMS services

Useful For

  • Conference
  • One to one
  • Group training
  • Awareness event

Training Suggestions


  • Audit of current awareness of Prevent in all relevant organisations
  • Audit of Healthy Relationships education provision and policies
  • Audit of online safety provision and policies

Useful Links

For Further Support

  • Local safeguarding children board
  • Local Authority Prevent Lead
  • NHS England Prevent Lead