We want to make Real Safeguarding Stories widely available and free to use. We are passionate about raising awareness of Safeguarding issues and hope that this website and the videos within helps society realise its potential to reduce safeguarding risks. In order to do this we want to ensure that users understand some key facts about Real Safeguarding Stories and use the content for its intended purpose.

Who should use this resource?

  • This resource is a specifically designed for use by safeguarding professionals looking to enhance their training and awareness work
  • It should be used as part of planned learning activities with adequate support and advice available to learners
  • The user (trainer, officer, safeguarding lead etc) takes full responsibility for its appropriate use in this context
  • This website should be used by people over 18 years of age

How ‘real’ are these videos?

  • The videos are written and designed by professionals in the field of Safeguarding with the support of a professional scriptwriter
  • They are drawn from experience of real cases but all characters are fictional in both name and character. Locations have been changed.
  • Cases and experiences used are sometimes combined into one story to enhance the learning outcomes
  • Some videos are also based upon direct testimonies of survivors of abuse
  • Every video is based upon real situations that take place across the UK

How were the videos made?

  • The videos were made using professional actors, all over the age of 18
  • The actors portraying the characters are not the ‘real’ victims or survivors of abuse
  • The filming took place in Yorkshire, with safeguarding experts present

How can I use the website?

  • Streaming of these videos is free
  • You can play these videos anytime and anywhere
  • It is illegal to attempt to copy these videos from the website (DVDs can be purchased from us at good rates)