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Tanya is a SEN nurse and volunteer for a young people’s charity.  When she attends a residential trip with a group of young people, a simple safeguarding mistake results in an allegation being made against Tanya.  As a result of this error will Tanya’s life ever be the same again?

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Level of Complexity: Intermediate
  • Differentiation applies depending on the audience
  • Trainer to develop the questions accordingly

Video Synopsis

  • Female charity volunteer attends a young people’s residential trip
  • Volunteer fails to adhere to safeguarding procedure
  • Allegation levelled at volunteer by young person
  • Volunteer’s life is significantly impacted as a result of the allegation

Issues Covered

  • Safeguarding procedures
  • Potential consequences of failing to follow procedure
  • False allegations
  • Impact of allegations on a volunteer / care giver

  • Procedures around being in a position of responsibility for young people
  • Why failing to follow procedure is important
  • The consequences of not following procedure where allegations are made

  • Where in the story did safeguarding procedures break down?
  • What were the causes for this?
  • Is this typical? What other situations can put you or a young person at risk?  
  • What were the responsibilities of all the adults in this story at key times?
  • What should Tanya have done or said to maintain correct procedures?

Target Audience:

  • Anyone working with young people and families
  • Voluntary Sector worker
  • Support worker
  • Youth worker
  • Youth group leader
  • Social worker
  • Care givers

Useful For

  • Conference
  • One to one
  • Group training
  • Awareness event
  • Supervision

Training Suggestions

  • Safe working practices
  • Integrate into Safeguarding training

Useful Links

For Further Support

  • Local Safeguarding Children’s Board
  • Local policy and procedures
  • Your organisation’s safeguarding procedures and policy