Tash’s home life isn’t good. A new, older boyfriend represents freedom and finally being treated like an adult. But she doesn’t realise that she is being sexually exploited until she feels it is too late to escape the abuse.
  • Child Safeguarding
  • Child Abuse, Sexual Exploitation, Neglect
  • Guidance for swearing and sexual abuse references

Level of Complexity:
  • Differentiation applies depending on the audience
  • Trainer to develop the questions accordingly
Video Synopsis
  • Young person targeted and groomed for sexual exploitation
  • Experiences sexual exploitation online and at parties
  • The young person becomes a groomer herself
  • Young person complicit and feels responsible
  • Unable to seek help and feels trapped

Issues Covered

  • Online safety
  • The party model of grooming
  • Sexting
  • Legal highs
  • Alcohol use

  • Recognising the grooming process of a young person being sexually exploited
  • Learning and responding to the signs and symptoms
  • How to manage social networking and cyber awareness safely for young people
  • The legal implications
  • How to embed awareness of healthy relationships amongst young people
  • Engaging with fathers

  • What should you be alert to as a professional / parent / friend to changes in a young person’s behaviour which could signal grooming?
  • How would you respond to Tash’s story? What questions would you need to ask?
  • What have you got in place to make children and young people cyber aware?
  • How would you approach this legally?
  • How robust is the provision of healthy relationships education for young people in your area?
  • How would you approach the father and help him parent an adolescent child safely?

Target Audience:

  • Anyone working with children, young people and families
  • Social workers
  • Teachers / pastoral support staff
  • Youth workers
  • School nurses / A&E staff
  • Parents and carers
  • Councillors

Useful For:

  • Conference
  • One to one
  • Group training
  • Awareness event

Training Suggestions:

  • Finding out about local services
  • Cyber awareness training
  • CSE training
  • Teenage Brain Development
  • Healthy relationships
  • Parenting courses: Time out for Teens, Time out for Dads, Speakeasy etc

Useful Links

For Further Support

  • Local Safeguarding Children Board
  • Adult Safeguarding Board
  • Community Safety Partnership
  • Local Councillors
  • Local policy and procedures