Trevor is virtually housebound and suffers with mobility problems.  Increasingly lonely since the death of his wife, 68-year-old Trevor falls victim to a series of doorstep scams perpetrated by people who prey on his vulnerability.  As the scams intensify, Trevor gradually realises the extent of the financial abuse.
  • Adult Safeguarding
  • Scams, Doorstep crime
  • No Guidance Required

Level of Complexity:
  • Entry
  • Differentiation applies depending on the audience
  • Trainer to develop the questions accordingly
Video Synopsis
  • Older adult with mobility issues living alone
  • Older adult becomes a repeat victim of doorstep crime
  • Older adult left feeling scared and vulnerable in own home

Issues Covered

  • Distraction burglary
  • Sneak-ins
  • Victim isolation
  • Victim vulnerability
  • Emotional side effects of been a victim of scams including loneliness and embarrassment

  • To have an increased knowledge and awareness of doorstep crime
  • To understand the impact of crime on the physical and mental wellbeing of victims
  • To discuss ways to recognise potential victims and to support victims

  • How did the criminals know that the door was left unlocked?
  • Were any of the callers genuine?  Was ID obtained from any of the visitors to the house?
  • What could have been done to prevent this from happening?
  • Who is responsible for the situation?
  • Could this happen to someone without mobility problems?

Target Audience:

  • Everyone working with older adults
  • Police community support officers
  • Voluntary and community groups
  • Elected council members

Useful For:

  • Conference
  • One to one
  • Group training
  • Awareness event

Training Suggestions:

  • Clarify where to report and how to report if there is a suspicion that someone is a victim or potential victim of scams
  • Produce a flyer of organisations in the local area who could help with people suffering from loneliness

Useful Links

For Further Support

  • Local support services
  • Local authority
  • Citizens Advice – Trading Standards
  • Local Police